Message from Chief Editor After the 3rd Edition

From the desk of Chief Editor

It is indeed heartening to witness that the 3rd issue of Melanesian Journal of Geomatics and Property Studies (MJGPS) is being brought out successfully on time. At the time of first publication some of my peers said to me – it is easy to start with a rush of adrenaline, but it is very difficult to continue as the excitement evaporates with time. But then the ‘process of natural decay of excitement’ doesn’t hold good for our executive editor Professor Jacob Babarinde whose steadfast zeal has been keeping our journal vibrant and throbbing in full throttle.

Initial motive behind bringing out this journal was to enthuse our departmental academics to get wedded to sustaining research culture and bring new ideas, shape them in tune with country’s resources development and disaster management aspirations. We are marching ahead briskly in these directions. Our research endeavours are aptly recognised by the Government of the day. Very recently country’s Hon’ble Minister for Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru visited our department to have a glance at our research outputs directed to his ministerial precinct. Having satisfied himself, Hon’ble Minister has given us a special grant of USD 65,000 exclusively for our lab infrastructure with state of the art set of GNSS receivers. All these will go a long way in churning out quality research outputs towards nation building.

The current issue contains five research papers that cover a wide range of issues in application of science and technology for natural and man-made resources development, planning and management.

I wish all the very best, and a thought provoking, happy reading.


Dilip Kumar Pal, PhD (IIT, India)

Professor and Head, Department of Surveying & Land Studies

The Papua New Guinea University of Technology

Our maiden issue published in 2015 carried seven peer reviewed scientific papers. The papers received good attention and gave us the desired momentum to carry forward. Basic aim of commencing this journal was to motivate our university academics to engage themselves in healthy competition of writing papers from their research outputs.
My peers often comment that it is the adrenaline that starts a scientific journal with much fanfare does not inhabit for long. Sustaining the journal year after year is the real challenge for everybody concerned.
I am happy to see that our publishing team has not allowed the ecstasy to fade away. This year also we received very good contributions from the researchers in the relevant fields and we are going to publish five blind-folded peer reviewed papers amongst the contributions received for the 2nd issue.
We would crave to see this journal attaining international standard through contributions of researchers from various parts of globe with multi-faceted geographic issues.
With the continued recession in the country we keep facing severe financial crisis and allocating fund to innovation and research is becoming a bigger challenge. It is indeed heartening that with very limited resources our department has been able to keep our research engine in full throttle.
I reiterate my belief that our resolute enterprise will assist in getting over such hurdles and make the journal an ongoing success story through participation from national as well as international researchers.
Professor D K Pal, Ph.D (IIT)
Head, Department of Surveying and Land Studies, PNG University of Technology, Lae, Papua New Guinea